Star Trek: Strange New Worlds

star trek strange new worlds
Pictured: (L-R) Celia Rose Gooding as Uhura, Melissa Navia as Ortegas, Ethan Peck as Spock, Bruce Horak as Hemmer, Anson Mount as Pike, Rebecca Romijn as Una, Jess Bush as Chapel, Christina Chong as La’an and Baby Olusanmokun as M’Benga in the official key art of the Paramount+ original series STAR TREK: STRANGE NEW WORLDS. Photo Cr: James Dimmock/Paramount+ ©2022 ViacomCBS. All Rights Reserved.

Strange New Worlds takes us back to the roots of Star Trek with a series set in the Kelvin alternate universe but prior to Kirk taking command of the USS Enterprise.

Anson Mount stars as Captain Christopher Pike who was established in the original series as Kirk’s predecessor as Captain of the Enterprise, horribly disfigured in an accident while rescuing members of his crew. In the original series, Pike was played by Jeffrey Hunter and the pilot with Hunter was later used in the series’ only 2 part episode, The Menagerie.

Being set in the alternate timeline created by J.J. Abrams for his Star Trek films starring Chris Pine as Kirk lets us see familiar faces but not necessarily how we might expect them. The result is a surprisingly fresh series that is the truest to the original vision created by Gene Roddenberry than any previous series.

Written by Lori Anne Brown

Lori has been a science-fiction fan since the age of 12. She is owner of as well as and chaired Tachycon, science fiction convention, for 13 years.


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