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General Information

Enterprise is set in the 22nd Century before the events seen in the original series Star Trek starring William Shatner, etc. This series focuses more on the birth of the Federation and man’s first exploration of the galaxy… an effort to capture some of the flavor of the original series. Take a look at the cast description and you’ll recognize some of the character traits found in the less harmonized, less politically correct time of Star Trek: The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, and Voyager. This ‘getting back to the roots’ of Star Trek is the shot in the arm the faltering series has needed.

According to the Official UPN Press Sheet:

ENTERPRISE, a prequel bridging the gap between today’s world and that of the original Star Trek is sure to excite the show’s enormous fan base.

Set early in the 22nd century, ENTERPRISE focuses on a history of the galactic upheaval that leads to the formation of The Federation. Its compelling stories of team bravery and individual heroism are sure to answer countless questions for both die-hard fans of the series and neophytes to the Star Trek universe.

Episodes of the previous four Star Trek series and nine feature films are currently seen in more than 100 countries, have been translated into dozens of languages, and have collectively generated close to $2 billion in revenue. Starring a fresh young cast, this exciting new chapter continues to push the edge of the visual envelope with the kind of state-of-the-art special effects that have made Star Trek a global phenomenon.

Through their struggles, Humans, Vulcans, and numerous others, together will learn to work and live in harmony. Like their forefathers before them, they strive for a better life and boldly go where no one has ever gone before!

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Cast & Crew

The Cast

  • USS Enterprise
  • Captain Jonathan Archer – Scott Bakula
  • T-Pol – Jolene Blalock
  • Commander Tucker –
  • Connor Trinneer
  • Lt. Commander Reed
  • Dominic Keating
  • Dr. Phlox – John Billingsley
  • Lt. Mayweather – A.T. Montgomery
  • Ensign Sato – Linda Park
  • Other Characters (Recurring or minor characters)

The Crew

Rick Berman
Executive Producer/Co-Creator

Brannon Braga
Executive Producer/Co-Creator

Merri D. Howard
Supervising Producer
(also on TNG & Voyager)

Writing Staff
Stephen Beck (7 Days)

Herman Zimmerman
Production Designer
(also served on ST:TNG, DS9, Voyager, ST VI, Generations, First Contact & Insurrection)

Ronald B. Moore
Visual Effects Supervisor
(also worked on TNG, Voyager, Generations)

John Eaves
Senior Illustrator
(also designed the NCC 1701-E for First Contact)

Michael Okuda
Scenic Arts Supervisor
(worked on TNG – Voyager)

Denise Okuda
Art Department
(also worked on Voyager, DS9, STVI, Generations, First Contact, & Insurrection)

Louise Dorton
Art Director
(also worked on Voyager)

James Martin
Art Department
(illustrator on DS9 & Voyager)

Anthony Fredrickson
Art Department
(scenic artist on DS9, Generations, First Contact & Insurrection)

Doug Drexler
Junior Illustrator
(since Generations)

Robert Blackman
Costume Designer
(worked on all TNG movies)

Carol Kunz
Costumes Supervisor
(worked on all since TNG)

Michael Westmore
Makeup Supervisor
(also worked on TNG, DS9, Voyager, Generations First Contact & Insurrection)

Episode Guide

I realize I never actually finished this episode guide. I will eventually finish it and fix the formatting.

Season 1

Broken Bow – A Klingon ship crash lands in Kansas prompting the newly built Enterprise NX-01 to launch earlier than expected to take him home against the wishes of the Vulcans. But the Klingon gets kidnapped by the Suliban Silik as we discover the Suliban are taking orders from a mysterious man in the future.

Broken Bow – Part 2 of the above

Flight or Fight – Should Enterprise get involved when a ship’s crew is murdered by another race? That’s the decision Archer struggles with while T’Pol urges him not to get involved.

Strange New World – Exploring the first Earth-like planet in the Enterprise’s journey which ends up with T’Pol and Tucker at each other’s throats as the landing party becomes infected by alien pollen.

Unexpected – In repairing an alien vessel, Trip picks up more than he expects as he becomes pregnant.

Terra Nova – The mystery of what happened to the colonists of one of the farthest human colonies is finally solved by the Enterprise.

The Andorian Incident – When Archer decides to visit a Vulcan monestary, he finds more than he expected – Andorian Terrorists! The Andorians think the Vulcans are spying on them….Archer gets to the bottom of it making an unexpected ally in the process.

Breaking the Ice – Mayweather and Reed get stuck on an icy comet they are exploring while Archer deals with a Vulcan ship that may have been spying on Enterprise. Has T’Pol been passing them encoded messages for weeks?

Civilization – Where are energy emissions coming from on a pre-industrial planet? Archer’s first time ‘getting the girl’as well as the first covert away mission.

Fortunate Son – When a merchant ship is attacked, Enterpise comes to their rescue…even if they don’t want to be rescued.

Cold Front – Archer has to deal with a time traveler and the Suliban. Introduces a Federation agent from the future assigned to help Enterprise. He will reappear in Shockwave.

Silent Enemy – Who is the unknown alien that keeps attacking the Enterprise? And what is Reed’s favorite food? Both big mysteries in this episode!

Dear Doctor – Should Dr. Phlox cure one species even though it will destroy another? Phlox and Archer deal with a moral dilemna that is the first time what will become The Prime Directive is discussed.

Sleeping Dogs – The Enterprise comes to the rescue of a Klingon ship – even if they don’t want to be rescued. We learn a little more about Klingons and how they live on ships.

Shadows of P’Jem – The Andorians actually come to Archer’s aid when he and T’Pol get caught in a planet’s civil war.

Shuttlepod One – Reed and Tucker have a limited amount of air left on the pod when they think Enterprise was destroyed. Some interesting dream sequences and discussion ensues.

Fusion – The Enterprise encounters a ship full of Vulcans working to integrate their emotions instead of elminate them. Is it something T’ might be interested in exploring?

Rogue Planet – The Enterprise meets a race of hunters who have some cool technology…but what are they really hunting and do they have a right to kill another species??

Acquisition – Ferengi raid the Enterprise convinced there is a hidden vault of treasures. Features Ethan Phillips & Jeffrey Combs.

Oasis – The crew encounter an alien trader who tell them about a haunted ship they investigate. Features Rene Auberjonis.

Detained – Not all Suliban are evil – some are herded into detention camps in this story which is the first to address current world events…though in a very, very slight way.

Vox Sola – Means ‘Voice of the Son’and is directed by Roxann Dawson. A giant squid-like alien (actually more interesting than it sounds) takes over the cargo bay.

Fallen Hero – The Enterprise transports a Vulcan ambassador T’Pol idolizes expelled from her post for reasons unknown. Archer and the Ambassador develop a new trust along the way…the first episode indicating a human/Vulcan friendship will eventually develop.

Desert Crossing – Archer must deal with the circumstances of his previous actions as his ‘reputation’ proceeds him – with the facts greatly distorted making him a ‘hero’ who helps people win wars. But should he step in to aid one faction…especially one considered terrorists.

Two Days and Two Nights – the crew finally make it to Risa, the pleasure planet where Archer gets involved with a woman who may be a spy while Reed and Tucker make a bad choice in ‘women’. Directed by Michael Dorn (Worf of TNG)

Shockwave – The season finale and part one of a 2 part episode. Enterprise is ordered to return to Earth after apparently causing the destruction of the planet they were exploring. But did they? Archer travels back in time to find out…and ends up apparently stranded in the process.

Season 2

Shockwave, Part II – Debuts September 18 – Could Archer’s removal from the Enterprise’s timeline really prevent the Federation from being created?

Carbon Creek – The Enterprise helps rescue trapped miners.

Minefield – The Enterprise encounters a minefield planted near a planet and must try to dislodge one that attaches itself to the ship’s hull.

Dead Stop – Enterprise goes to an automated repair facility that charges a heavy price…and has a secret. Directed by Roxann Dawson (B’Lanna Torres)

A Night in Sickbay – Will focus on Dr. Phlox, Archer and Porthos. Porthos has to spend the night in sickbay and a worried Archer stays by his side…probably driving Phlox nuts in this ‘humorous’ episode.

Marauders – Klingons are raiding a mining colony and Enterprise comes to the rescue.

The Seventh – T’Pol is haunted by flashbacks and she and Enterprise hunt a Vulcan criminal named Menos.

The Communicator – Builds on the idea from TOS episode A Piece of the Action when Reed loses his communicator on a pre-warp planet causing problems for the civilization there.

Singularity – Enterprise takes a close look at an unusual black hole that’s part of a trinary star system with the stellar phenomenon having a strange effect on the crew.

Vanishing Point – Hoshi becomes a ghost able to walk through walls and invisible to all but somehow must warn the crew of an alien plot to destroy the ship. (was originally to be episode 9 but it has apparently moved).

Precious Cargo – Trip helps a cargo ship and accidentally releases a woman from suspended animation. Things get messy when he tries to get himself and her off the ship.

The Catwalk – When Enterprise has to pass through a dangerous storm, the crew take refuse on the most protected part of the ship – a small maintenance catwalk.

Dawn – Trip and an alien crash land on the dark side of a small moon and must work together before deadly temperatures hit them at dawn. Directed by Roxann Dawson (B’Lanna Torres)

Stigma – Phlox diagnoses T’Pol with a syndrome which is stigmasized by Vulcans – and must try to get information about it. One of his 3 wives makes an appearance.

Cease Fire – Jeffrey Combs returns and brings Suzie Plakson with him as Andorians and Vulcans battle over control of a planet – with Archer the only one Shran will allow mediate a cease fire.

Crash Landing – The Tholians and Sulibans both want a wrecked ship the Enterprise has found… a ship that contains a human corpse long before humans should have been in space.

Canamar – Archer & Tucker are on a prisoner transport that is taken over by the alien inmates.

The Crossing – The Enterprise crew are possessed by aliens.

Judgement – Archer is called to testify in a Klingon inquest. Includes a Klingon named Duras – the name of a Klingon involved in a conspiracy against Worf’s father.

Horizon – Ensign Mayweather has the chance to visit the cargo ship he grew up on – only to find things haven’t been the same.

The Breach – Enterprise evacuates a group of Denobulan geologists from a world taken over by a militant faction.

Cogenitor – The Enterprise meets a race called the Vissians…and Tucker gets a little too curious about a member of the species’ third gender.

Regeneration – An alien vessel and two bodies of cybernetically enhanced humanoids are found in the artic on Earth and Enterprise is asked to help when the cyborgs come back to life and steal a ship.

First Fight – Archer remembers his early days competing to be the first to break the Warp 2 barrier.

The Expanse – When a probe from an unknown alien race unleashes a devastating assault on Earth, Enterprise is recalled, then sent to search for the aliens.

Season 3

The Xindi – Captain Archer and his crew learn of a Xindi working at a mining colony and set out to track him down.

Anomaly – Enterprise is crippled by inexplicable, destructive special anomalies that distort the laws of physics.

The Extinction – The Enterprise finds a Xindi vessel on a jungle planet as well as a biological agent that mutates Archer, Reed, Hoshi and T’Pol into a primal alien lifeform. Directed by LeVar Burton.

LCARS Database

An alphabetical database of terms, races and more from Enterprise! Viewers wanting to help build the database can submit your entries! It will be constantly expanding as each new episode reveals more and more and a search feature will be added once the list gets long enough. See synopsis and review of episodes here. Those familiar with Bjo Trimble’s Star Trek Concordance for the original series will recognize the format with the episode the information is from noted. I plan to do a downloadable & printable version of these pages after each season. Note spelling may not be exactly right for all terms yet as it is based on pronounciation during the episode until I find a written source.

Aft center view of the viewscreen on Enterprise (Ep 5).
Adaptive Syntax
A linguistic form. Klingon dialects are constructed on an adaptive syntax. (Ep 1)

A Xyrillian female born on Thera that is the engineer of the ship that Tucker assists. Her using granules with Tucker to read each other�s minds is what causes an exchange of genetic material impregnating him. Played by Julianne Christie in Ep 5.

Almack, Ensign
A junior engineer mentioned in Unexpected (Ep 5).

Altarian Marsupial
A creature kept in sickbay by Dr. Phlox who’s droppings contain the highest concentration of regenerative enzymes found anywhere (Ep 1).

Amazon University
The college Hoshi Sato taught linguistics at before joining the Enterprise crew (Ep 1).

The Anaxar in Fight or FlightThe Anaxar ship found in Fight or FlightFirst mentioned in TOS episodes ‘Whom Gods Destroy’and ‘Court Martial’as Kirk having had been awarded the Palm Leaf of Axanar. In Fight or Flight, an Anaxar ship is found adrift by the Enterprise. They become allies once the aliens that attacked the ship return. They live for 400 years and are androgenous (neither male nor female).

Archer, Henry
Captain Archer’s father, Henry was an engineer who designed the Warp 5 engine, though died before it was completed. Played by Mark Moses in Broken Bow. Has known Tucker for 8 years and saved his life about 4 years before the Enterprise mission (Ep 5).

Archer, Captain Jonathan
See page on Archer here. Prior to visiting the P’Jem monestary, the Ingari monestary in Tibet was the oldest he ever visited (Ep 7). Was an Eagle Scout and has 26 Merit Badges (though not one for exo-biology). The Rogue Planet reminds him of the rainforests of New Zealand where he earned his Wilderness Badge (Ep18). Archer very rarely does anything foolish – though Tucker remembers a poker game at Jupiter Station he believes was foolish (Ep18).

An Andorian from Andorians
Natives of the planet Andoria, these humanoids are blue-skinned in appearance and have bilateral antennae and characteristically white hair. Andorians are self-described as a violent and warlike species engaging in group marriages of four as a rule. Most of what is known about this race is scattered. They eventually become a Federation-member race and were first seen in TOS ‘Journey to Babel’. They have been mentioned several times in TNG and DS9. Their variety of silk is prized for its softness. Andorian jewelry is highly collectible and is not usually available. In the time of Enterprise, they have several grudges against the Vulcans which leads to their attack on a Vulcan monestary. The ruling body is the Andorian Imperial Guard. They are neighbors of the Vulcans and had long suspected the P’Jem monestary of hiding a spying station, though in 2 previous trips to the monestary, they failed to find it. They do not have transporter technology. They think Vulcans ‘smell of dust’ (Ep 7).

Benecia Colony
One of the first off-world colonies founded on Mars (Ep 6).

Clinton, Ensign Joshua
Played by Steve Folger in Broken Bow.

Cochrane, Dr. Zephram
Inventor of Warp Drive has a cameo in Broken Bow – a video taped segment from a speech he gave 30 years before used in the send off of the Enterprise on it’s mission. Played by James Cromwell, the character was introduced in TOS ‘Metamorphosis’ and featured in Star Trek: First Contact, where he was also played by Cromwell.

Crater, Judge
Someone missing since the 20th century – one of the great unknown occurences (Ep 6).

Cutler, Ensign Elizabeth
Ship’s entomologist (insect expert). Played by Kellie Waymire (who also played Lanya in Voyager’s ‘The Muse’) in Strange New World.

A rogue planet – one that broke out of it’s orbit of a system. With no sun around, it is a world of perpetual night. The Enterprise discovers it’s being used as a hunting reserve by the Eska who are allowed to hunt on it only 4 days a year. It has several species that are hunted – including a shapeshifting intelligent race. It is covered by forest which reminds Archer of the rainforests of New Zealand on Earth. It also has primal volcanic vents that remind Archer of Yellowstone and T’Pol of the grotos of Deneba Prime. (Ep18)

Deneba Prime
A planet that has volcanic vents the T’Pol comments as being similar to those found on DeGalla (Ep18).

Dr. Phlox’s race. They don’t believe in wasting time talking during meals.
They have multiple mates (Ep13).

Department Designation
Color stripes on the uniform shoulders indicate department. The colors seem very similar to those used on TOS (with the exception of Communications), though there doesn’t seem to be a separate color for security and we haven’t seen one for sciences yet. So far, colors I’ve figured out are as follows:

Command wears gold Command – Gold (Archer, Mayweather)
Medical wears blue?? Medical – Blue (my guess based on TOS)
Engineering wears burgundy Engineering – Burgundy (Reed & Tucker) – may also be used for Sciences??
Communications wears green Communications & Science – Green (Sato)
Enterprise, NX-01
See page on the Enterprise here. The ship does not have a pool onboard (Ep 4). No sonic showers yet as Archer is seen taking a water shower in Ep 5 (water storage would help explain the more cramped quarters onboard as pipes and tanks would have to be accommodated, though recycling would certainly be used).

A race that enjoys hunting and uses the rogue planet of DeGalla as a private hunting reserve – though they are only allowed to use it 4 days out of the year and their is a waiting list of several years to do so. They possess technologically advanced sensor camoflage and sensors developed to hunt their favorite prey – the shapeshifters native to DeGalla. (Ep18)

Forrest, Admiral
Admiral ForrestHuman male. 50s to 60s. A career military man who’s the highest ranking officer in Starfleet. He’s fond of Captain Archer and has personally selected him to command Enterprise. Played by Vaughn Armstrong. Introduced in Broken Bow. Character is named in honor of the late TOS actor, DeForest Kelly (Dr. Leonard McCoy).


The great-grandfather of the tractor beam, the grappler is a primitive and simple device that shoots out two projectiles at high velocity parallel to each other. These are secured to the ship via a high-strength cable. The projectiles grab onto their target by means of high strength electromagnets allowing the object to be secured in the shuttle bay of the Enterprise. The grappler can be used offensively to capture small shuttles or to bring onboard any other space objects of a size less than or equal to a small shuttle, but too big for the cargo-bay transporter. First used in Broken Bow. Submitted by Sillard Urbanovich

Grat, Colonel
The Tandaran in charge of the detention camp for innocent Suliban (Ep 21). Archer suspects the woman he meets on Risa of working for Grat (Ep. 25). Played by Dean Stockwell who co-starred with Scott Bakula in Quantum Leap.

Hull Plating
The defensive shielding of the Enterprise. Rather than using an energy field that surrounds the ship like a bubble as in TOS, the Enterprise takes damage directly to its hull. After it has been shot, the hull plating, similar to armor, can be re-polarized to strengthen it. The plates can be easily seen on the surface of the ship. Hull plating was first mentioned in Broken Bow. Submitted by Sillard Urbanovich

The Vulcan concept of Infinite Diversity in Infinate Combinations – the idea of how different things combine to form something of beauty. Mentioned but not explained by T’Pol in Ep 7.

Ingari Monestary
The oldest Capt. Archer ever had visited before his trip to P’Jem, the Ingari Monestary is located in Tibet, on Earth (Ep 7).

A courier carrying a message from Siran, he is pursued by the Suliban and forced to crash land on Earth. While he manages to kill the Suliban’s pursuing him, he is shot by the farmer who’s land he crashed on and is taken to Starfleet. Played by Tom ‘Tiny’Lister Jr in Broken Bow.

The final purging of all emotions from Vulcans. (Ep 7). It was the ritual Spock was undergoing in ST: The Motion Picture.

Laracus Prime
A planet known for having over 5,000 species of insects (Ep 4) which probably means it also has a lot of trees and wood.

Leonard, Admiral
Human male. 40s – 50s. A high-ranking officer in Starfleet who serves directly under Admiral Forrest. Played by Jim Beaver in Broken Bow. Character is named in honor of the late TOS actor, Mark Leonard (Sarek, Spock’s father as well as other characters) and TOS actor Leonard Nimoy (Spock).

Mayweather, Ensign Travis
See page on Mayweather here. His parents ran cargo ships for 23 years (Ep 3). Has been fascinated by Terra Nova since he was a kid and promised his father he’d see it some day. Capt. Archer allowed him to do the report to Starfleet (Ep 6).

Minshara Class Planet
The Vulcan designation for a planet capable of sustaining humanoid life forms with a oxygen/nitrogen atmosphere. (Ep 4) Later abbreviated to ‘M-class’in TOS.

40ccs of the drug shortens the time Tucker must go through decompression on the Xyrillian ship by half – down to 3 hours (Ep 5).

Mitchell, Captain
Captain of the Conestoga, the Terra Nova colonization vessel (Ep 6).

New Berlin
The first off-world colony established on the moon (Ep 6).

Novakovich, Ensign Ethan
Part of the landing party team that beamed up to the ship (Ep 4). Played by Henri Lubatti.

An ancient Vulcan monestary almost 3000 years old. Near the edge of the Andorian border, the Andorians have long suspected the monestary hides a spy device. Technology is considered a distraction. Visitors should not speak to anyone unless spoken to first. Upon conclusion of a visit, the visitor is often given a Stone of Jicar to go on their journey which represents the foundation of all they believe – that life has order. One of the founders was master Hadok. (Ep 7).

Phase pistols from EnterprisePhase Pistols
A new weapon introduced in Broken Bow, Phase Pistols have 2 settings, Stun and Kill, rather than the range of 8 or so that TOS phasers will have. Click on the picture at right for a large version with very good detail.

Phlox, Dr.
See page on Phlox here. His people don’t speak during meals as they consider it a waste of time. Is very curious about human and alien customs and rituals (including mating) and is very observant – the (innocent) source of ship gossip (Ep 3). ‘When in Phelibia, do as the Phelibians do’ (Ep 5). He’s a Denobulan (Ep 6).

Plomeek Broth
A traditional Vulcan breakfast (Ep 5). Plomeek soup was first introduced in TOS episode ‘Amok Time’ as Nurse Chapel brings a home-made bowl of it to Spock.

Captain Archer’s dog, a beagle. He’s named after one of the Three Musketeers from the series of novels by Alexandre Dumas, the 19th century French author. Porthos was the faithful companion who was more brawn than brains and concerned about his image and social station. He gets to ‘go where no dog has gone before’ according to Tucker when Archer brings him on the away team in Strange New World. He loves cheese (especially cheddar), but is latose intolerant and suffers from gastral problems (Ep 13).

Pulsar Gride
Sent to alien species as a part of first contact to help them locate Earth. Probably a triangulation of the Sol system defined by pulsars as this is a common astrological proceedure. (Ep 3)

Rank Designations
Enterprise uses a system of pips – rectangular gold metal bars on the right side of the chest – to designate rank as follows:

Captain (Archer)
Commander (Tucker)
Lieutenant (Reed)
Ensign (Mayweather & Sato)
Reed, Lt. Malcolm
See page on Reed here. His favorite food is pineapple (Ep 12). Was an Eagle Scout and has 28 Merit Badges, including one for Exo-biology Archer doesn’t have (Ep18).

Sato, Ensign Hoshi
See page on Sato here. Her quarters are on the port side after asking Archer for permission to switch with someone else as the ‘stars are going the wrong way’ – she had port side quarters on both her training cruises. (Ep 3)

Shuttle Pod
A small pod-like ship intended for limited range missions landing on a planet or short-range space missions, the Enterprise’s shuttle pods are released from a docking arm from the lower decks of the ship. As transporters are only in wide use for cargo, personnel are usually transported via shuttle pod. They have auxilliary landing thrusters (Ep 4).


Late 30s to early 40s. Alien. Physically agile. One of the leaders of the Suliban introduced in Broken Bow. Played by John Fleck.

A suliban femaleSiran
A Suliban female rebel who sends a message via Klaang to the Klingon High Council warning them of a Suliban plot to cause war within the Klingon Empire. She is killed by Suliban agents in Broken Bow. Played by Melinda Clarke.

Song of the Wandering Angus, The
Poem written by Keats that was one of Archer’s favorites growing up. His mother used to recite it to him often. It tells of a man named Angus who spends his life searching for a woman he glimpsed once with apple blossoms in her hair. The shapeshifter Archer meets on DeGalla takes the form of this woman. (Ep18)

Soval, Ambassador
Ambassador SovalVulcan male. Late 60s. A wise and arrogant diplomat who has very little patience with Captain Archer. Played by Gary Graham, who also played Sikes in Alien Nation and Tannis in Voyager’s ‘Cold Fire’. Introduced in Broken Bow.


Strange New World planet
The M-class planet in Strange New WorldThis unnamed planet is explored in Ep 4. It is Minshara-class (capable of supporting humanoid life), with 2 moons and rocks composed of limestone and cormolite. Archer decides to land in the Northern continent because he ‘likes the looks of it.’ Hallucinogenic spores are released from a plant growing in the mountains southwest of the landing area during a storm which includes 80 kph winds.

A deadly species obsessed with genetic enhancement (possibly part of the Eugenics Wars and Khan’s people?). The Suliban will be the recurring villians of the series, though they will be lead by an unknown leader directing them from the future. The mystery of who this leader is and their agenda will be an ongoing plotline for at least the first season.

One of the most revered Vulcan philosophers. His teachings led to Vulcan’s purging emotions (Ep 7).

Over 5,000 species reside on Laracus Prime (Ep 4).

Terra Nova
The ‘Great Experiment’ – the first Earth colony established outside the solar system 70 years prior to the Enterprise Mission. The Conestoga (named after Conestoga wagons that colonized the American West) was a vessel designed to be taken apart once it landed on it’s one-way colonization mission. The mission was commanded by Capt. Mitchell. One of the settlers, Loch Logan, lead a movement against the planned second save of settlers originally planned and shortly after that, all contact with the colony was lost. Since it would have taken 9 years one way to investigate, no ship was ever sent to see what happened until Enterprise. It was one of the legendary mysteries of space. The Enterprise discovers that shortly after the colony was established, an asteroid struck 500 kilometers north of the colony that was composed mostly of Baresium ore causing radiation levels that would have been fatal at the time and are just dissappating when the Enterprise arrives. The resulting dust cloud covered half of the northern hemisphere for more than a year and rained toxins on the colonists killing half the adults. Children around the age of 4 or less developed an immunity and moved underground. The survivors called themselves Novans and thought of humans as the enemy. The water supply has become increasingly contaminated and would prove fatal to the final 58 survivors but Archer manages to convince them they should move to the unaffected Southern hemisphere where there are similar tunnels. They developed their own terms based on their life underground including:

Shale = lies
Go Befores = ancestors
Underside = underground tunnels they live in
Overside = the planet’s surface.
Diggers = a burrowing animal that is hunted for food by the Novans
Time Villian
Silik consults with his leader from the future in Broken BowThe Suliban are lead by a mysterious figure from the 24th century that speaks to Silik in a time chamber where everything exists slightly out of phase. He’s played by James Horan in Broken Bow who has had many small rolls in Voyager.

The Next Generation, ie. Star Trek: The Next Generation series.

The Original Series, ie. the 1966-69 Star Trek series that started everything with Kirk, Spock, etc.

TosVulcan male. 50s. Ambassador Soval’s assistant. Shares Soval’s disdain for human culture. Played by Thomas Kopache who also played Kira’s father, Kira Tiban in several episodes of DS9. Introduced in Broken Bow. Character name is a homage to The Original Series (see above entry).


T’Pol, Subcommander
See page on T’Pol here. She has been to 36 Minshara-class planets (Ep 4). She first uses the Vulcan nerve pinch on Mayweather in Ep 4. Not familiar with early Earth space expeditions, though Tucker says Vulcan expeditions are required learning for Earth school children (Ep 6).

The commander of the Xyrillian ship Tucker assists. Played by Randy Oglesby in Ep 5.

Tucker III, Commander Charlie ‘Trip’
See page on Tucker here. Has been in Starfleet 12 years, has known Archer for 8 years and Archer saved his life once about 4 years prior to the Enterprise mission (Ep 5). His favorite food is catfish (Ep 5). Was never good in history class (Ep 6).

Uniform Patch
The crew wear a patch on their left shoulder of the Enterprise logo/crew patch. It’s a styilized version of the ship as seen from above over a starfield with the word ‘Enterprise’ on the side. A very cool design and I imagine we’ll see lots of these popping up at conventions very soon. A reader has suggested it will eventually warp into the familiar arrowhead design of TOS with the ship becoming the ‘A’.

Tucker’s 10th grade biology teacher. The first Vulcan he met and he ‘scared the hell’ out of him. One of his favorite sayings was ‘Challenge your preconceptions or they’ll challenge you.’ (Ep 4).

Vulcans use automated probes to do a geological survey from orbit for 6-7 days before sending any landing parties to Minshara-class worlds. (Ep 4). There are no ghost stories on Vulcan. (Ep 4) Their star charts aren’t all that accurate Archer discovers as a proto star isn’t included. They revere their dead and some of their most sacred relics are the bones of their ancestors contained in the catacombs of the P’Jem monestary. They have a strong sense of smell and don’t like the smell of humans – T’Pol was given a nasal numbing agent to help her be more comfortable on Enterprise. They don’t believe in responding to violence with violence (Ep 7).

Webb, George
During the camp out in Strange New World, Mayweather tells the tail of George Webb, who opened an escape pod from a Y-500-class freighter they found drifting in space for 63 yars. Webb, the ship’s assistant chief engineeer, said the metal felt cold and that he could hear a tapping noise from inside the pod, though it turned out to be empty. Webb’s personality changed after the incident … he often got into fights with the crew and muttered in some unknown alien language. One day he locked himself in engineering and almost overloaded the engines destroying the ship. He jettisoned himself in a lifepod and some say to this day, he drifts in space – possessed by an alien or taken over by the ghost of the dead crewman he found in the original pod. Some say they can occasionally hear him tapping and pick up his distress signal as he drifts through space. The story prompted T’Pol to remark that ‘There are no ghost stories on Vulcan.’

Williams, Admiral
Human male. 50s. A somewhat temperamental Starfleet officer who serves as attach’ to Admiral Forrest. Played by Jim Fitzpatrick in Broken Bow. Character is named in honor of TOS actor William Shatner (Capt. James T. Kirk).

Species first encountered in Unexpected. They are very familiar with meeting other cultures and have developed a decompression process to acclimate most humanoids to their atmosphere. The decompression process normally takes 6 hours, but Miraceen cuts this time to half. Ships seem to be partially organic as green grass grows on the floors that releases a vapor that helps them metabolize their food. The food grows all over the walls. They have advanced holographic technology that uses resequenced photons to create matter. They give the technology to the Klingons in order to prevent their ship from being destroyed. They also have a stealth technology (that perhaps the Romulans later get from them?) that allows them to hide in the warp wake of ships when their own is damanged. Their engines use teraphasic warp coils that seem to be somewhat fragile. They have dermal plating on their bodies that allows them to detect other people moods and play a game using a container of granules. When 4 hands are put into the gradules, the two people may exchange thoughts. Those granules allow genetic material to be passed to Tucker which causes him to be impregnated with the offspring growing between his 6th and 7th intercostal ribs. At least one planet in their system is called Thera (Ep 5).

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