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Sanctuary: A Witch’s Tale comes to AMC+

AMC+ and Sundance Now are poised to captivate audiences with the 2-episode premiere of Sanctuary: A Witch’s Tale on January 4, 2024. This new series promises to immerse viewers in a narrative rich with supernatural elements and modern-day mystique.

A Modern-Day Witch Hunt

Set against the backdrop of a contemporary town where witchcraft is an everyday reality, the 7-part drama series explores the coexistence of witches with the townsfolk, a harmony that has persisted for centuries. However, the sudden and tragic death of a young rugby star threatens to unravel the fabric of this harmonious society.

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Introducing Sarah Fenn

Central to the story is Sarah Fenn, portrayed by Elaine Cassidy of The Wonder fame. Cassidy’s character is the embodiment of a modern witch who serves as a pillar of support for the community. When faced with the inexplicable, the townspeople turn to her mystical abilities for solutions. However, the death of the local athlete, Dan Whithall, casts a pall over Sarah and her daughter Harper, played by Hazel Doupe of You Are Not My Mother, as they become the targets of a grief-driven witch hunt led by the victim’s mother Abigail (Amy de Bhrun) once Sarah’s best friend.

The Ensemble Cast and Direction

The series features a compelling cast, including Stephanie Levi-John, Valerie O’Connor, Kelly Campbell, and Stephen Lord, alongside Cassidy and Doupe.

Created and written by Debbie Horsfield, the series has been adapted from the novel by V.V. James. It is executive produced by Monumental Television (Mrs Sidhu Investigates, Harlots). Directors Lisa Mulcahy and Justin Molotnikov helm the project, bringing a blend of suspense and the supernatural to the screen, promising a series that is both visually striking and emotionally resonant.

Sanctuary: A Witch's Tale comes to AMC+ 2

Sneak Peek into Sanctuary

The released first-look images (shown here) offer a tantalizing preview of the series’ aesthetic and tone. The visuals suggest a world where the mystical is intertwined with the mundane, setting the stage for a series that explores the boundaries between the known and the unknown. This should be an interesting take on modern witchcraft and what could be if the art of the craft continues to grow and is someday accepted by the mainstream public.

Other Witchy Series on AMC+

While waiting for the premiere of Sanctuary: A Witch’s Tale, there are several other witch-focused series on AMC+ you might want to watch.

  • A Discovery of Witches starring Teresa Palmer as Diana Bishop, is based on Deborah Harkness’ historical-fantasy All Souls trilogy of books. Bishop joins forces with vampire Matthew Clairmont (Matthew Goode) in a completed 25-episode series that includes time travel and other magical beings.
  • Mayfiar Witches is based on the work of author Anne Rice (Interview with a Vampire) starring Alexandra Daddario as Rowan Fielding, a young neurosurgeon who discovers she is the descendant of a family of witches. The supernatural series also stars Jack Huston, Tongayi Chirisa, and Harry Hamlin. Season one is now available with a second season coming soon.

Anticipation Builds for the Premiere

With its January 4, 2024, release date, Sanctuary: A Witch’s Tale is set to be a standout addition to the supernatural genre on Sundance Now and AMC+. The series is expected to appeal to both fans of the supernatural and those who appreciate a well-crafted mystery.

As the premiere approaches, viewers can look forward to a series that promises to explore the limits of reality and enchantment. Until then, AMC+ offers a selection of supernatural content to satisfy viewers’ appetites for the otherworldly.

Sanctuary: A Witch’s Tale invites viewers into a world where magic is tangible and the stakes are as real as they get. Prepare for a journey into the heart of witchcraft and mystery this coming January.


Lori has been a science-fiction fan since the age of 12. She is owner of Scifispace.com as well as Scifi-Collector.com and chaired Tachycon, science fiction convention, for 13 years.

Written by Lori Anne Brown

Lori has been a science-fiction fan since the age of 12. She is owner of Scifispace.com as well as Scifi-Collector.com and chaired Tachycon, science fiction convention, for 13 years.

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