ncuti gatwa and millie gibson in doctor who season 14

Doctor Who Resets to Season 1

Russell T Davies, returning Doctor Who showrunner, says “Next year, season one. Yes, we’re calling it season one.”

Get ready to embark on an epic journey through time and space as Doctor Who resets its season count with Ncuti Gatwa as the latest Doctor, and the genius behind it all, Russell T. Davies, is back in action. Buckle up, because this new era promises uncharted narratives, fresh energy, and a whole lot of wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey goodness!

New Doctor, New Beginning?

With Ncuti Gatwa taking over the role and Davies returning to helm the series, what technically is season 14 since the show was rebooted in 2005 (and season 40 if you include the original series), is being marketed as Season 1, though is a continuation and not a reboot.

Davies’s idea is to make the series more accessible for those coming in fresh to the show without thinking they must watch all the previous seasons to understand the show. This sounds like the first few Gatwa episodes will give a summary of characters and concepts for new audiences. While this might be good for new viewers, for those of us who have been fans of Doctor Who for many years it just adds more confusion when discussing the series.

With the original series having been referred to as “Classic Doctor Who” starting in 1963 with William Harnell, most of us called the 2005 relaunch with Christopher Eccleston as “Modern Doctor Who.” I’m not sure what to call this new Season One with the 15th Doctor….Series C? D15?

From 60th Anniversary to Gatwa’s Debut

Ncuti Gatwa steps into the role after David Tennant’s special appearances for the show’s 60th anniversary. We’re in for a treat with a December special that promises to bridge the past and future. Gatwa’s Fifteenth Doctor, alongside Millie Gibson’s Ruby Sunday, will guide us through uncharted narratives while staying true to the show’s rich storytelling traditions.

david tennant plays doctor who again in the 60th anniversary christmas special

Coming out of the very uneven series of Jodie Whittaker as the 13th Doctor, Davies promises new energy and a pivot towards uncharted stories while remaining rooted in traditions. Many fans (myself included), were not thrilled with the direction the series went and Davies return was great news. His past storylines often cleverly wove in elements of the previous incarnations of The Doctor while modernizing the stories and we look forward to seeing what he has planned.

The Disney Connection

Now, you might be wondering about the mysterious Disney-related plan Russell T. Davies has been teasing for 2024. What’s that all about? Well, it seems like Davies has something big up his sleeve, and he’s not giving away all the secrets just yet.

Because people are beginning to ask “Why is there no Disney push behind this?”
That’s coming in [Redacted]. Ooh, we’re not supposed to say [Redacted], are we?
Next year, season one. Yes, we’re calling it season one.

— Russell T Davies, SFX Magazine

But one thing’s for sure: it’s got fans buzzing with excitement and speculation. We’re all aboard the hype train, eagerly awaiting what’s to come.

The Doctor’s Legacy Lives On

Now, some die-hard Whovians might be a tad shocked by this renumbering, but have no fear. Russell T. Davies knows what he’s doing. He’s not just rebooting the show; he’s ushering in a renaissance. Gatwa’s Doctor is about to lead us to new horizons while respecting the storied continuity that’s made Doctor Who a sci-fi staple for nearly six decades. It’s not just a regeneration of the titular character; it’s a transformation of the show’s very essence, promising adventures as vast and thrilling as the cosmos itself.

So, get ready to hop in the TARDIS once more. The Doctor’s journey continues, and it’s bound to be an epic ride filled with surprises, mysteries, and endless possibilities. Stay tuned for more updates as we countdown to “season one” and the exciting new era of Doctor Who!


Lori has been a science-fiction fan since the age of 12. She is owner of as well as and chaired Tachycon, science fiction convention, for 13 years.

Written by Lori Anne Brown

Lori has been a science-fiction fan since the age of 12. She is owner of as well as and chaired Tachycon, science fiction convention, for 13 years.

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