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Moving Archives to Wiki

Firefly @ - our section on the series firefly

Back when I started in 1998, the internet was still pretty new and web building software was weak. Back then, I used NetObjects Fusion to create the site, which I have actually not used for many years. This new site is built using WordPress and more module designs...

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Loki Series is a Go

tom hiddleston as loki

Tom Hiddleston will return as Loki in a new TV series to air on the Disney+ streaming service. There is no word yet on what time period the show will be set in as it is assumed, at least, Loki died for real this time in Avengers: Infinity War....

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Event Calendar now active

add your scifi convention

We have added an event calendar for conventions, movie premieres and other events and you can add your event for free! Submit an event to include in our calendar and be found by more science fiction fans. We include only events related to science-fiction, fantasy or horror and spam...

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